About Us

Studio RoJa has been creating playful products since 1991.

It's the brainchild of designer Jami Miyamoto. For the past years, her mission has been to create fun and funky pieces that bring a bit of humor and spice to our everyday lives. 

Studio RoJa’s appreciation of typography and graphic images is demonstrated through the surface treatment and ornamentation of their work. Most pieces start off in the studio as balls of fimo clay or wax. The pieces started in fimo are sculpted by hand using a freeform approach where the fimo is rolled out and pinched or pushed or cut by hand and decorated and stamped. The pieces that start in wax are painstakingly carved out with dental tools, files and heat and each piece become a sculpture in miniature. The clay pieces are cast in bronze and then recast in pewter or sterling.  Some pieces also start off being fabricated in sterling silver and then cast. 

Contact us at Jami@StudioRoja.com.

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